International Women’s Day Celebrations!

As the international women’s day rolled around on 8th March,I was happy to check in and find out how we the fairer gender are doing.Its the only”day” we have from the 365 of the year!I remember calling a friend of mine and joking about him cooking for his family.

This time around in Uganda the official celebrations were held in Nebbi district though here in Kampala we had celebrations at the Sheraton Hotel.The theme of the day was ‘Connecting girls,Inspiring futures’.The day had a program lined up with forums and debates on different topics led by embassies and NGOs.Two main topics where my areas of interest.

Strength of a woman:Health and well being, reproductive healthcare availability standards in Uganda.According to the 2010 Millennium Development Goals progress report for Uganda, maternal health indicators for Uganda have generally remained poor in the last two decades. Over the period of 1995-2000 maternal mortality stagnated about 505 deaths per 100,000 live births. The Uganda demographic and health survey of 2006 estimated Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) at 435 deaths per 100,000 live births, making a total reduction of only 70 deaths per 100,000 live births in half a decade. The 2007 Ministry of Health expenditure survey in Uganda clearly indicates that the main causes of maternal morbidity and mortality in Uganda have overtime been considered preventable and or treatable.

Secondly,Counting on women.How accessible is financial literacy for women?What opportunities exist for women to reach executive positions in business?What obstacles are facing Ugandan women entrepreneurs?What educational opportunities or incentivesare available to empower the female population now and for the future?As the Community Women’s enterprise Network,I found out that this is entirely our job and other civil society organizations to work around the clock for the best results.Working with adult women most of them who can hardly read and write but have the enthusiasm,energy and talent to make a better world,always pushes me to look out for the younger generation of the fairer gender and let them know that they can make a better world!

The celebrations went on perfectly, a lot of entertainment and networking.Reaching out to all the participants in different areas,from style up,the gallery,

the pop up shop I can never be surprised by the creativity of Women!


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