What we do

Our major goal at Community Women’s Enterprise Network is to unleash potential of entrepreneurial women with  lower incomes by  providing access to flexible micro- investing capital , partnerships,enterprise training, technical support, social responsibility training, guidance and peer-to-peer networks. By increasing the depth and breadth of support, the network would result in everlasting economic development in the undeserved community of  Wakiso district.

We strive to Increase the growth and income of   small women led businesses that have enrolled in the micro- investment scheme.The scheme  entails the following.

i)Providing micro investment capital and mentor ship

ii) Assessing,identifying gaps and barriers in managements’ technical understanding

iii) providing technical support  and training  in basic finance and business planning skills to management and enhancing managerial capabilities.

We believe in  Community Social responsibility.Growing communities through businesses while growing businesses through communities. By providing support to women and their organizations that rally for causes in their communities.

We know that no man is an island,through Networking opportunities like events, fairs, peer to peer meetings,businesses can learn from each other, sell to each other and form bigger Networks thus empowering communities through self employment to achieve self sufficiency and flexibility.

Community Women’s Enterprise Network  works with groups of low income women composed of but not limited to horticulture, home based producers,tailors, cooks, designers, local wine producers,food vendors from wakiso district.The women have  an average family size of seven.Most of them have passed the start-up stage and have earned at least $1 of revenue from their businesses.


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